Monday, January 30, 2012

New York Beauty #3

I can't believe I'm 3/4 of the way through this project.  I'm having fun and can't wait to try other paper pieced projects, like Lee's Summer Sampler Series of course ;)  Once I have the fourth done, I'm sewing them in a circle but I'm not quite sure what will happen after that.  We'll cross that bridge later but before Feb 9 when I have to pass this baby on!  It'll be a long 6 months before I get it back.  Pretty much all of my other projects are on hold right now, but I'm itching to start a new quilt even though I have 1, 2, 3...6 or 7 quilt tops finished and needing to be quilted, not to mention 3 quilt tops in various stages of progress!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fashionable Friday

My boyfriend and I are doing long-distance right now while I try to convince him to sell his house, find a new job, and move closer to moi :)  I can be pretty selfish at times...  In the meantime, we drive 3.5 hours one way on the weekends to see each other.  I'm visiting him this weekend, and here's one of the outfits I've packed.  I'm pretty proud of myself for being so trendy!  Usually I am more of a jeans and polo kind of girl, but I feel like I should spice it up.  

I couldn't help but think that I should work for InStyle the way I laid this all out :P

Shirt: thrifted vintage Wrangler chambray & pearl snap button 
Pants: J. Crew Collection Minnie Pant
Shoes: Madewell
Belt: Banana Republic
Purse: thrifted Cole Haan
Earrings: Banana Republic
Necklace: Anthropologie
Bracelet: thrifted J. Crew
Sunglasses: Rayban Jackie Ohh!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New York Beauty, Take 2

Here's the second of four New York Beauty blocks I'll be making for the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild round robin bee starting next month.  Read about it here.  I'm loving how they are turning out!  I've jumped ahead and already picked out the other 2 center yellows and 2 middle blues.  I'm trying to decide if I should just finish the 4 and leave as is, or if I should set it en point and do some fancy stuff before turning it in.  What do you think?

Forgot to mention my favorites in this block - see the tiny pink elephants and the crown I oh so amazingly managed to fussy cut?  :D

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oklahoma City Quilt Show Finds

A couple weekends ago I went to the Oklahoma City Quilt Show.  Now, I probably shouldn't say this, but I go to the quilt shows more for the shopping than to look at other peoples' quilts :X  Don't tell anyone else!  While there weren't as many quilts or shopping booths as last year, I did happen to find a little something to spend my money on...

Katie Jump Rope Fat Quarters  $1.50 each!!  At first I only bought 3, but as I was headed to my car, sad that I only bought 3 things, I decided to go back to their booth and see if they had any others hidden away. Sure enough, I find 4 more to buy.  The lady said that was the last of it.  She didn't have any more at her shop.  I cried a little inside, because I absolutely love the flower ribbons and basket weave prints and would probably buy the whole bolt if I found any.  $1.50 each plus tax at quilt show vs. $4+ plush s/h on Etsy?  Duh!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well Hello again!

I've been a blog slacker, I'll admit it.  Back to the Work in Progress Wednesday fun now!  The Dallas Modern Quilt Guild is having a round robin quilt swap starting next month.  I make a center block and pass that onto another group member who adds a border to it.  Repeat 4 more times and then we have a quilt!  I get the quilt back that I made the center block.  I wanted to try something new and also I wanted something that would be bright, cheerful, and bold.  

I've been perusing Flickr for ideas and decided to make a New York Beauty!  Here's the first finished block.  Would you believe I've never paper pieced before?  I thought it was pretty fun actually once I figured out what to do.  Curved piecing?  Um...only if I have to :)  I'm super pleased with how it turned out.  I'm going to make 4 blocks and sew them into a circle for my central block.  I'm proud of myself for using mostly scraps for the colored parts.  Here's the link to the pattern I used: New York Beauty #4

Sew Happy Geek

Fresh Poppy Design

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


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