Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fabric Stash Sunday #4

This Sunday's collection is related to last Sunday's because it too, is Dear Stella Lanikai in the blue colorway.  I absolutely love these colors and prints!  Especially the ikat in the top left corner - I've made a J. Crew knockoff skirt and couch pillows because I want to see it all the time.  These are a little harder to find now, but definitely worth the purchase if you ask me!  I still haven't decided what to do with this scrumptious little bundle, but it'll be a good one, I promise.  Go see what others have been stashing over at Finding Fifth!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  What have you been sewing this week?  Finish anything?  Me neither...  Start a few new projects?  I sure started a whopper...

I've seen the lovely Marcelle Medallion quilts on Instagram and really would like to make one, but I didn't have the book sadly.  Instead, I found another great version of a border upon border upon border quilt in a book I already had on my shelf.  Saturday, I spent the afternoon hand tracing these teeny tiny templates onto a rainbow of scraps from my bin and some low volume (aka mostly white) scraps.  Here's the arrangement I came up with for the center medallion:

See those pieces?  I put a bobby pin on one of them for size reference.  Small, right?  I've started sewing a couple of the rows together and had to unsew them right away because I wasn't happy with the way the points matched up.  

The pink hearts print is vintage from my grandma's stash!

This quilt has 21 borders mostly all made with 2" or smaller pieces, so this will take awhile, years maybe.  But the fun part will be to watch it grow on my design wall and add scraps from other projects that I'm working on in the meantime.  I can't wait to share more of my ambitious project in the future!

WIP List:

  - Nada

Being quilted
  - Zilch

Finished quilt tops
  - Aqua/Yellow Patchwork Chevron
  - Over and Under in Sew Cherry
  - Happy Go Lucky in Vintage Modern
  - Round Robin Medallion

In pieces
  - Hexa Go Go Stars & Stripes
  - On a Whim in Birds & Bees
  - New project! Medallion quilt

Monday, June 24, 2013

Munki Monday: June Bee Block #2 for Munki in the Middle

Sarah requested wonky log cabins made with Munki Munki fabric or other Heather Ross treasures.  My first block used tadpoles from West Hill collection; go check it out here!  I had to make a pink version using the adorable cats (Frederick gets the spotlight here) and also a little pink gnome off to the side.  I really love how cheerful this one is!  

Fresh Poppy Design

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fabric Stash Sunday #3

This fabric is a bit older, but I you know what they say, an oldie but a goodie!  These lovelies are Mimosa by Dear Stella fabrics.  I love the bright orange and pink combo.  The tiles and stripes make great blenders, and the florals would be great focus fabrics.  My favorite is the ikat, and if you remember my ikat J. Crew skirt, the print is the same but the blue colorway.  I don't have a plan for these beauties just yet, but I'm sure a perfect quilt pattern will come along eventually :)  Please go check out the other lovely stashes at Finding Fifth!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WIP Wednesday

What have you been sewing lately?  I spent some time Sunday afternoon pinning another quilt top that's been patiently waiting for over a year to be quilted.  The fabric is mostly Sew Cherry by Lori Holt with a few of the earlier DS Quilts prints mixed in so I'd have enough jelly roll strips.  The quilt pattern is Over and Under from Scrap Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett.   I'm using a great blue and green plaid Martha Stewart sheet for the backing - you just can't beat a $3.99 thrift store sheet for a quilt back!  

WIP List:

  - Urban Cabin in Modern Meadow

Being quilted
  - None

Finished quilt tops
  - Aqua/Yellow Patchwork Chevron
  - Over and Under in Sew Cherry
  - Happy Go Lucky in Vintage Modern
  - Round Robin Medallion

In pieces
  - Hexa Go Go Stars & Stripes
  - On a Whim in Birds & Bees

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June Munki in the Middle Bee Block #1

I finished my first of two improv log cabin blocks for June's Munki in the Middle Bee on Flickr.  The queen bee requested log cabins with the Munki in the middle of course, and sticking to the colorway of the center print with a little black and white mixed in.  

I picked a square of tadpoles for the center, grabbed my yellow scrap bin, and pulled what little black and white prints I have in my stash.  Here's what I came up with finally.  Queen bee specified some of the colors she wanted us to use, and unfortunately pink wasn't one of them.  Hopefully she'll say pink is ok because I have some great scraps to go with my Munki cats!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Munki Munki for sale or swap!

I just listed some Heather Ross Munki Munki leg panels for sale in my Etsy shop.  I have the lovely pink gnomes and blue Calypso prints listed, but also have lobsters available if interested.  Don't want to purchase but have some Munki you'd want to swap me?  Just leave a comment or send me an email :)

Sunday Stash

Seems like somebody around here loves Cuzco by Kate Spain!  Hint - it's not my boyfriend or Carlton :)  I just love the saturated colors and beautiful prints in this line.  I couldn't help myself and bought "a few" prints in yardage, two jelly rolls, and a layer cake so far.  Who knows what else I'll end up with when these go on sale!  I had a plan for one of the jelly rolls but I've forgotten what that was now, so I'm open to suggestions.  Oh and did you hear about the Kate Spain Blog Hop hosted by Blossom Heart Quilts?  Go check it out if you love Kate Spain fabric as much as I do!  For more fabric goodness, check out the Sunday Stash linky party at Finding Fifth.

Kate Spain blog hop

In other news, I surprised myself and actually finished my dad's quilt yesterday - before Father's Day!  Unfortunately, he'll have to wait to receive it since he lives a few states away.  I'm going to send him pictures today, and post pictures on the blog here another time.  Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coats and Clark Zipper Challenge Update

There were several great entries in the Austin Modern Quilt Guild's Zipper Challenge sponsored by Coats and Clark.   We voted and my little purse won!  My prize was a lovely package of ten fat eighths of Oakshott cottons.  I'm very excited to start sewing with these gorgeous fabrics.  Any suggestions for what I should make??

My pretties!

My book turned purse entry used 2 of the 3 zippers

504 Main
Weekend Bloggy Reading
Linking up to Catch as Catch Can 126, My Repurposed Life:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Coats and Clark Zipper Challenge Project Reveal!

Last meeting, the officers of the Austin Modern Quilt Guild announced a Coats and Clark zipper challenge.  We were all given three 7" zippers and told to make whatever we wanted as long as we used at least one of the zippers.  Projects are due tomorrow at our meeting.  We're all going to vote on which project we like best and the winner gets a whole bundle of shot cottons fat eighths!  

Here's my entry.  I've seen a lot of variations of the book turned into a purse thing, and here's my interpretation.  I used two of the zippers, making the green flowers out of one and the polka dot zipper opens to a little side pouch.  I did add a magnetic snap to make sure the goodies don't fall out!  I'm pretty pleased with how it came together - lots of Clover clips and E-6000 glue!  I'll let you know if I win :)

Joel Dewberry fabric, Coats and Clark zippers, vintage buttons and a Reader's Digest = a new purse

Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow purse interior

Reader's Digest circa 1983

Saturday, June 8, 2013

2013 New Blogger Blog Hop Kicks Off Today!

Plum and June

I'm so excited to be included in the 2013 New Blogger Blog Hop hosted by Beth at Plum and June!  This is a great opportunity to meet new quilty friends and excellent sources of inspiration.  My official day is at the end of the month, so be sure to stop back later and catch it.  Meanwhile, go check out these lovely bloggers and leave some love!

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Friday, June 21
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Friday, June 28
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Making some changes around here

I've been re-evaluating what I'd like to accomplish with my little blog lately.  I'm setting goals for myself and making lists of things I should do to improve your experience here.  

One of those things was a name change. I feel like my old title, Phone Home Designs by E.T., was too long and didn't properly portray what my blog and I are about - mostly sewing related posts.  To better express what I do in a shorter amount of words, I've changed it to simply, Sew E.T.  As in, when you see a picture of a quilt or block I've made, I want people to think, wow, that is so E.T!  But with a cute play on words of course :)  So now, I present to you, Sew E.T., a blog dedicated to sharing my sewing adventures!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quilty WIP Wednesday/ALYoF 2013

I finally finished another quilt last week, but it's a secret one that I can't show off just yet.  After I finished though, I determined not to start anything else until I tackle my growing WIP pile!

This WIP quilt is for my Dad.  I've titled it, "Manly Meadows" because it uses mostly Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow prints, plus a few others.  Here's my original post about it from over a year ago - eep!  I was inspired by some machine quilting books I received at Christmas to just branch out of my typical stipple.  I've been making loopy squares and sin waves!  For the back of this quilt, I just bought a sheet from Target.  The quilting really shows up well on the back.  Hopefully I'll have this finished and in the mail to my Dad for Father's Day this month.  It's about time if I started more than a year ago, right?

Carlton snuggled up on the pile o quilts my BF and I photographed last weekend :)

WIP List:

  - None this week

Being quilted
  - Urban Cabin in Modern Meadow

Finished quilt tops
  - Aqua/Yellow Patchwork Chevron
  - Over and Under in Sew Cherry
  - Happy Go Lucky in Vintage Modern
  - Round Robin Medallion

In pieces
  - Hexa Go Go Stars & Stripes
  - On a Whim in Birds & Bees

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Stash

Now that I'm using Bloglovin, I'm able to catch up on or keep track of my favorite blogs as well as new ones as they come up.  I just found out about this Sunday Stash linky party with Finding Fifth this morning, so you're in for a double dose of me today because I can't help but share my newest addition to the stash.

Look at all my Katie Jump Rope!!!  I squeal with glee when I walk past it :)  

The internet is definitely making the world smaller.  Here's the condensed version of how I came to buy 16 yards of KJR last month...

As I'm sure you did, I signed up for eleventy billion giveaways at Sew Mama Sew.  Turns out I won two charm packs of Happy Go Lucky from Karamat!  I send her my address and while patiently waiting for my squishee mail to arrive, I start stalking following her on Instagram.  I see a picture of KJR and in the comments find out she bought it at a store about an hour away from my house and that coincidentally, she lives about 3 hours away from me.  Small world, right?  So I went and bought KJR, fresh from the bolt, at Gerline's Quilt Shoppe in Giddings, TX.  And yes, I left some behind... I'm also open to trading some of mine if you're interested!

Quilt Showcase: Flights of Nature Quilt

I finished this lovely quilt January 21, 2013.  The pattern is Flights of Nature by Charlie Scott of Qubee Quilts from the Moda Bake Shop and the free PDF can be found here.  

I love the blues, aquas, and teals in this line of fabric Cherish Nature by Deb Strain.  This was one of the first layer cakes I bought for myself back when I started quilting.  It definitely waited a long time to be turned into something!  Now it's residing on the quilt ladder my dad made for my birthday last year.  

Back, you can kind of see the quilting

Quilt Stats
Pattern: Flights of Nature, 43"x51"
Fabric:  Cherish Nature by Deb Strain for Moda
Quilting:  Baptist Fan, see Elizabeth's tutorial 
Finished 1/21/13


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