Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Man Quilt Muscled into Submission!

I was toying around with the block layout on this quilt for what seems like forever!  I felt like all the same patterns were touching too much and I needed to spread them out more.  I was happy with this layout, until I started staring at it while writing this post : P  I'll probably go back and rearrange one more time for good measure - it's my Type A+++ personality talking I guess!

Anyways, this is a quilt using mostly Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow that I'm making for my dad.  The pattern is Atkinson Designs Urban Cabin.  I thought about using my FMF grey seeds for the binding, but the greys don't match that well so I'll probably end up using the light blue circles because I have a lot of that left. I'm trying to shop my stash lately!  

I've been working on My Precious Quilt Along Round 2 project - Neptune.  I made up my own design that's basically sashing each charm square in grey, then using some of the original dark blue DS Quilts fabric from Joann as another set of sashing.  Here's my progress so far.  Can you tell I've been into grey lately?

And finally, I finished up a quilt top that had been languishing in my "please quilt me I'm dying to be snuggled" pile.  And guess who's back??  Carlton!  Such a good helper.  He makes sure the fabric is nice and soft, has a good drape, and can withstand lots of use.  He had been on sabbatical at my parents' house for awhile when I had a roommate who was allergic to cats.  Now he's back and ready to quilt!

This is the second version using Oh!Fransson's Mod Sampler tutorial.  The first  version, here, is made using reproduction 1930s prints that my grandma gave me for my birthday awhile ago.  Carlton is modeling the vintage sheet version.  Doesn't he look smashing in blue and green?  

This is his 'oh no you din't' face.  He doesn't really like his picture taken.  Who knew a cat would be camera shy?
My current list of projects:

Vintage Sheet Mod Sampler 

Completed tops needing backings & quilting:
Simply Squares Vintage sheets 
Central Park Charming Stars
Vintage Sheet New Wave 

Tops in pieces:
Modern Meadow Urban Cabin
Sew Cherry Snapdragon #2
Sew Cherry Over & Under
Hunky Dory Pandora's Box

New projects this week: 2
Finished projects this week: 1  


A Girl said...

I really like how your man quilt is coming along. It is so hard with some quilts to committ to a layout sometimes. I have been known to lay out a quilt on the dining room floor and stare at it for weeks. Drives my husband crazy.

Julianne K said...

Your quilts are beautiful, I really love the first picture and the pattern...and carlton, hes so handsome...what a good kitty!

Claire Jain said...

The Modern Meadow quilt looks amazing! I can't wait till I have a quilt ready to bind again. I need to get on it!


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