Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fabric PSA!

Good golly Miss Molly... I just found out about this website called Massdrop that group buys things that the members request.  It's kind of a neat concept!  Anyways, they organized a couple Liberty of London group buys that are both ending today.  

As a fabricphile, I've always coveted the beautiful Liberty prints and feel of Tana lawn.  So naturally, when I saw that I could get a gorgeous FQ bundle or 3 meters of it for $24/yard, of course I'd jump on the chance! I'm not being paid or endorsed by Massdrop or Liberty, but I'm just sharing my love for it and want you to sign up so we can get the lowest possible price! 

Go check out the FQ bundle or the 3 meter sets before they're sold out!  Plus, if they have 50 people repost their photo to Instagram, they'll throw in a pack of 10 Clover Wonder clips for free!  Don't forget #massdroplovesliberty

photo from Massdrop

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hi, I had left a msg on your Etsy email, thank you for the giveaway, I was a winner on Mel's. I am trying to follow you with email and cant get the button to work??


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