Monday, May 31, 2010

Feeling Nostalgic...

On the way to the airport today, I saw a billboard for a bakery that I hadn’t thought about in years.  This particular bakery is no longer open in my hometown, but it has another store about 40 miles away.  Why did I happen to think twice about this sign on the interstate?  Ever since I graduated from school (a week ago :D), I’ve been thinking, this is it, I’m an adult now.  And a doctor to boot!  (Not trying to be cocky, I just can’t believe it myself).  Well, since I’m an adult now, I guess I’m allowed to fondly remember my not so distant childhood.


The town I grew up in is a fairly small farming community.  I remember being very excited when my family would go to the movie theater.  Here’s an idea of how small this town was/is: movie tickets were $1.75 circa 1990s.  Now it’s a whopping $4.50 and people complain about the price hike!  Anyway, the movie theater is on the town square and there used to be a lot of ma and pa shops there before Wal-mart came and ran everything out of business.  I loved going to the movies because we’d look in all the shop windows before or after the movie started.  My favorite window was (no not the jewelry store Mom!) the Jubelt bakery window because they always had the most beautiful and elaborate wedding cakes I could ever imagine on display.

Back when I still thought all weddings, love, and marriages were as simple and perfect as my Wedding Day Midge and Alan made it seem, that bakery window was my inspiration for the future!  My parents would practically have to pull me away from the four tier sugary confections decorated with buttercream roses and real working water fountains!  My favorite cakes were the ones with plastic staircases that ran from the middle cake to matching cakes that sat nearby.  How beautiful to a young girl who used to be so naïve she didn’t realize that buttercream roses and porcelain painted bride and groom statues.  Sadly, now that I’m an adult, I realize how tacky my sucrose dreams were. 

stefjoe05 whole cake.jpg
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Jubelt’s had a signature cookie: the iced thumb print cookie.  You couldn’t go to a church potluck or kid’s birthday party without a box of those showing up on the buffet.  The cookies fit in your palm and were made of some kind of crumbly sugar cookie that tasted like sand.  To counteract how terrible they truly were and entice you to consume them despite your better judgment, the cookies had pastel pink and yellow sprinkles on the edges, and a dollop of rock hard icing in the middle.  I remember they tasted like crap!  But you couldn’t eat just one, because come on, they were from Jubelt’s and they were so pretty they had to taste good, right?  Ahh, the good old days!

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Some closing thoughts:  Why don’t those painted brides ever have red hair?  Why do people insist on forcing kids to eat cookies that taste like crap?  Why didn’t I stop on my way to the airport and pick up some of those damn cookies?  Or at least look at the cakes in the window…

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