Monday, April 16, 2012

Misc Monday

Misc: my favorite thing to sift through at a garage sale.  Today I have some quilty misc for you to peruse. 

Have you heard about the My Precious Quilt Along hosted by Kelly at Kelby Sews?  She's challenging us to actually cut up and use our precious hoard of fabric that's been safely sitting on the shelf.  You know, your Neptune, Arcadia, Heather Ross, Flea Market Fancy, etc.  She gently encourages us to take a breath, cut it up, and win a bunch of prizes in the meantime!  I can't help but to hear Smeagol say it in my head, or when I was excitedly describing this to my similarly nerdy boyfriend :)  I did have to Google how to spell it though, so I'm not that much of a scifi geek... Oh wait, I make pillows that have Mario characters on them.  I take that back! 

Back on track - I decided to finally make something with my Tufted Tweets.  I have a 10" square of all the prints and I wanted to do Little Miss Shabby's Picture Frames quilt but I didn't want to trim the squares down.  Since I'm terribly awful at math this project has taken a back burner until now.  Here are a couple of my first blocks.  I chose a grey sashing instead of the beige.  Each block is ~12" square.  I learned to starch well!


I'm trying to destash a bit.  Anyone interested in some Dear Stella for sale or swap?

Last bit of misc - LOOK what I found! And swapped in and bought!  The only one of :D :D  An Arcadia Honey Bun.  Boy do I have good plans for you :)


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Gorgeous blocks!!
I'm having another fugly fabric party so if you don't get any takers for the fabric before then you could link up a post :)
Yummy jelly roll too!

Heidi Staples said...

Love those Tufted Tweets!


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