Thursday, March 18, 2010

My First Post!

I've been thinking about blogging for awhile now, and the other day when a random stranger asked me where I find J. Crew stuff to sell on eBay, I decided it was finally time to share my crazy ideas with the world (or anyone who cares to read about them).

I'm a young Midwesterner, currently transplanted to the East Coast until I graduate in May. Since I'm currently single and don't have anything else in particular that's taking up my free time, I'd like to
try my hand at this blogging business.

Let's start with a craft project, shall we? Since I moved to my temporary apartment, I found the bedroom furnishings a bit lacking for my ginormous J. Crew collection... So, what is a girl to do but head to the local Goodwill? Well here's my dresser, a bit dated, don't you think? A work in progress and almost finished. All you need is
one ugly piece of cheap furniture, a sanding block, and spray paint primer and a spray paint color of preppy choice. Voila! A brand new dresser that sells for crazy amounts of money in those cute little boutique stores so popular around here.
I guess I forgot to mention that I save myself into the (almost) red zone. Here's the stats on this project:

Dresser from Goodwill: $25 (on sale from $49)
1 sanding block, 2 cans of Kilz primer, and 2 cans of blue spray paint: $24.77

Total $50

All in a day's work :D
I still have to add the finished pic, but here's a peek!
Check out the wicked shading on the edges of the drawers. And all that brass hardware! Definitely retro '50s...

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