Monday, March 29, 2010

Six Degrees of Blogging

My friend Erin at Little Texas Love Nest posted about my blog in her Six Degrees of Blogging adventures.  I'm finally getting around to posting about the great blogs I've found!

Here are the rules (sorry Erin, I copied & pasted these from you!):

*Start on your blog and clink on another blog's link. Keep clicking through to another blog until you get to the 6th blog.

*Leave a comment on their blog saying "Hey, I found you through 6 degrees of blogging! You are being featured on my blog today! (Leave your blog URL so they can find you and the featured post.)

*Write a quick blurb on your blog with the 6 degrees button, a link/button to your featured blogger and a few nice words about them and their blog. Encourage your readers to visit your featured blogger and leave them some comment love!

*Link your blog up on the MckLinky blog hop (feel free to grab the blog hop code if you want) so we can visit your blog and see who you found! The goal here is to find new blogs. Find someone who might not have found otherwise. To encourage other bloggers by leaving them comments of support! Follow other bloggers and they will return the favor by following and commenting on yours. Now go click your little heart out!!

I don't remember how I happened to stumble across this gem, but believe me, you will die with laughter when you read the J. Crew math posts.  She really hits the nail on the head with some of their wtf-were-the-designers-thinking questions we all have.  Incidentally, if you'd like to learn how to make some of the t shirts they charge way too much for, check out Ruffles and Stuff - she has great tutorials on making your own versions on the cheap.  I'm currently in the middle of making the ruffle henley t, but I ran out of thread :(

2nd Degree: Academichic
I liked the tutorials on this website.  Lately, I've been all about buying stuff at thrift stores and chopping them up to make new clothes or household items.  (Maybe I should have called my blog the Chop Shop).  Anywho, the ladies have put together a plethora of inspiring fashion plates for you to copy at your whim!

Ok, so I cheated here.  This blog has really inspired me lately, so I stuck it in here for fun.  Another one with lots of ideas for cutting stuff up and sewing it back together.  Over the past week or so, my brain has been filled with ideas from all these great websites!  Great tutorials here.

4th Degree: Centsational Girl
Another DIY website, but this one is geared towards home decor and furniture.  If I had the time, I'd imagine myself doing all the projects she showcases so beautifully.  

5th Degree:  Craftynest
I tried to find a website that wasn't about crafting, but what can I say, I'm drawn to them.  Check out the bath mat made out of wine corks!  I'd never even dream that up so I'm glad someone is more imaginative than me, or else I'd be bored beyond belief on my days off.  I'm going to need to drink more wine so I can make one of those!

6th Degree: DogInCar
I finally found one that isn't about crafting!  This one has reader submitted photos of dogs in cars, the title is self explanatory, no?  This one I guess can be a tribute to my dad, who's a veterinarian and dog lover.

Check out these blogs and make some new friends!

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