Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's in a name?

You may wonder how I decided upon my blog name...or maybe you could care less and no one is actually reading this except hopefully my mother.  Well, if anyone cares to know, I owe the name to my previous awesome roommate Megan.  She scores a little low on the creative scale, and she made a great decision when giving me free reign with her credit card.  Obviously, she didn't know me very well yet!  

A trip to her family's flea market one weekend started it all.  She saw a cushy looking footstool that was $20.  I told her to ask for it for $5.  This was my first time at a flea market, but much like the bazaars in Egypt, I hear it's insulting if you don't haggle a bit.  So we toted home this footstool that had a few rips in the fabric and the original sticker from HomeGoods ($79.99) on the bottom.  I told her to stop at JoAnn's on the way home and we picked out a great floral/paisley print from the clearance section to recover it with.  She had already pilfered her aunt's sewing machine for me to use - how sweet is she?  We get back home, I turn on the football game, and start disassembling the footstool cover.  I used one of the pieces for a pattern, cut out the new fabric, and had the new cover sewn in about an hour and a half.  Megan woke up from her nap and said, "Oh wow! It's like magic - you should be a decorator!  I'll tell everyone I have an original Phone Home design by E.T."  And thus the name is born!

Here's a pic of the ottoman before - not terrible, but not fun either.

And after I worked my magic!  Don't worry, the bottom wasn't flapping in the breeze.  We staple gunned it down the next day.  It even has a matching fabric covered button.  How cute :D

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Erin said...

What a cute ottoman! You did a great job! I'm so glad you're blogging now! I look forward to following and learning the secrets of the thrifty shopping you had me so impressed by!


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