Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Carlton update

Hi friends!  Since the cable was shut off (no, I didn't forget to pay the bill!) that someone else had apparently paid for, and my internet is spotty at best, I decided to stitch up some squares tonight.  I'm working on a vintage sheet queen size quilt using 6" blocks, alternating a cute little cream/green/purple polka dotted new fabric with the vintage sheet squares.  Who decides he has to be literally in the center of all the action?  Carlton...

It was cute until I realized he'd been chewing on the foot pedal cord and then I was rather upset.  I didn't get a $$$$ sewing machine to be a cat chew toy!!  Yes, that lovely is my graduation present - a Bernina 440 Quilter's Edition complete with BSR.  Wooot woot :D  Look for more hopefully amazing projects in the future!

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