Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Consignment Store Review: Clothes Mentor

When I was living in Wilmington, North Carolina, I visited a consignment store in Wilmington called Clothes Mentor a few times.

The store was chock full of all kinds of mid-level designer items.  Mid-level = Ralph Lauren, Lilly Pulitzer, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, etc.  Sorry ladies, no Chanel here that I saw!  They did have a large Lilly section in all sizes that seemed reasonably priced.  A nice selection of petites and womens' were also available.  Clothes were grouped by item and then by size.  I remember skirts around $8-12, pants $15 or so, and shirts were $6-15, depending on material and brand of course.

Personally, I gravitate towards blazers and jackets.  I have many that I wear infrequently, of course!  Maybe that's because it's summer... Anyway, I found this amazingly cute Juicy Couture short sleeved blazer for $32.  Usually I don't spend that much at consignment clothing stores, but it's too adorable, and I wanted to make my friends a tiny bit jealous because I had something other than the standard Juicy sweatpants.  I'm not a big fan in general of the brand, but this jacket has merit other than the brand name!  I wear it with grey pants.

Overall, I would return to Clothes Mentor to purchase clothes, but they seem too picky about buying/consigning clothes.  Here's an example.  I took a Cape Madras mini skirt that was brand new without tags (I hadn't worn it) in one day and they told me it wasn't in style....  They obviously don't go to the beach very often to see everyone and their brother wearing patchwork plaid!

One more thing, if you stop in, be sure to pick up a pen.  They have argyle under the pen grip.  Love it!

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