Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend yard sale & thrift store haul

I lucked out this weekend with cheap stuff for my kitchen, craft stash, and wardrobe!  I usually surf craigslist throughout the week looking for estate sales that may have sewing items like fabric on the cheap.  When I get there, if the price is right, I may pick up a few extra items too.  

At garage sale #1 today, I scored two different fabric "remnants" for 25 cents each, a small marble mortar & pestle for 50 cents, and a quiche plate and nice flour sifter for 10 cents each.  Grand total = $1.20.  I only had $1.25 so I let her keep the change.

Moving on to garage sale #2.  This one advertised thread, which I thought was strange, until I arrived and saw a whole table filled with spool after spool of thread!  The owner had been a seamstress and had quite the collection she was getting rid of.  I didn't really want to hoard that much thread, not knowing what colors I'd use, so I grabbed several white spools and a teal that would hopefully match a t-shirt I'd been meaning to redesign.  I also got a bobbin of elastic thread and a wooden spool holder, both of which I'd been contemplating purchasing for awhile now.  I offered $5 for the lot, which would have been around $10, and the lady accepted.  Yay for me!

Carlton checking out the goods

Last stop was the thrift store.  I found a blue Loft t-shirt that was on sale for $2.50, a red pintucked and ruffled shirt from the Gap for $5, and a pair of Talbots chinos (the updated, modern, stylish version!) new with original price tag of $69.95, for a mere $7.  

How patriotic, eh?

Life is good :D

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