Monday, December 27, 2010

Townhouse Redo on the Cheap: Living Room

Continuing our tour of the townhouse I redecorated - next up is the living room!

We bought the coffee table from craigslist.  It matches the buffet she already had that's being used as a media cabinet.  

The TV was mounted when I got there but I decided it needed more definition so when we found the two black picture frames at Target on clearance for $15 each, we had to have them!  She didn’t have many pictures actually printed out since this is the age of digital photography, so we filled the slots with scrapbook paper that she can change out as she gets photos printed.  

I found a few more vases and the lantern at Marshall’s or Home Goods.  The basket on the coffee table is hers and we filled it with those cool balls from The Christmas Tree Shoppes.  The rug is from Target.  I recovered the pillows she already had by cutting up clearance curtains from Target that matched the rug.  Now here I made a mistake – I just sewed the pillow entirely into the pillowcase and didn’t leave a way to open it for cleaning.  Didn’t see the 1 yr old cousin slobbering all over it in my crystal ball :D  

The metal sculpture over the pellet stove was on sale for $4 from The Christmas Tree Shoppes.  The vase is from Marshall’s.  

We found a neat painting at Target that went with the color scheme and hung that on the wall between the bathroom and closet.  

I’m really proud of my roommate for picking out the new couch and loveseat all by herself!  Right before I moved out, I sold her old forest green leather couch and loveseat on craigslist and didn’t get to help her pick replacements.  I love the style so much I might get something like that for my new place!  There's the ottoman that started it all in front of the window.

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