Monday, January 3, 2011

Townhouse Redo on the Cheap: Dining Room

The chandelier is brass but everything else is silver – I hate it when metals don’t match.  To downplay the brass, I used the beige chandelier shades.  I think it makes the lamp look a bit more modern and less colonial.  

We put up curtains that match the living room since the spaces are open to each other.  

She had already put the floating shelves up but I accessorized with a few vases and other tchokies from Kohl’s, Marshall’s, and Goodwill.  I found a letter M and painted it in a really pretty pearlized white color.  

She had a huge red and orange modern painting on the wall opposite the shelves, but it didn’t match that well with the living room so we moved it to the stairway wall.  I think it makes a great statement there!  

To fill the space in the living room, we replaced the painting with a collage of pressed metal and painted art pieces that are from Kohl’s and Target.  

I'd really like to thank my Poppa Bear for hanging all of our wonderful finds.  I don't know what I'd do without him!  My parents came halfway across the US on vacation to see me, and I put my dad to work hanging everything.  Thanks Dad!

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