Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Gifts!

I promised I'd post pics of the Christmas gifts I made and am finally getting around to it.  I felt like a busy little worker bee churning out all this quilted/sewn goodness! 

For my muse in the Shire: the curling iron/flat iron cover that I made for my tutorial.  She loved the flowers and said it fits perfectly.  

For my mom and my cat sitter: a patchwork plastic bag dispenser using The Pink Penguin's tutorial in the spring Stitch magazine.  Everyone who sees these falls in love!  I used scraps that I bought from the LQS and they all coordinated beautifully.  Both dear ones have red kitchens - sigh of relief!

love the bird!

For my grandma: a set of quilted patchwork placemats also from The Pink Penguin's online tutorial.  I used scraps from above projects, some leftover linen for the front, and a toile remnant on the back.  I wasn't able to give them to her personally at Christmas, but she called me after she opened it, sounded like she was going to cry, and kept telling me they were too pretty to use.  

For my brother: a Super Mario 1-Up mushroom pillow!  I was super excited to make this for my brother, who loves video games.  I saw one that someone else made on Flickr, and just had to make my own.  I don't consider myself a creator or innovator, but rather a stealer & modifier of other people's ideas.  

I couldn't think of anything for my dad, so I baked him his favorite peanut butter cookies.  I'm baking & sending him cookies every month or two for the next year.  He's very excited!

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