Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Me, a quilting coach??

I'm staying at my parents' house for a few weeks until my new job starts in August.  I made sure to bring Frannie (my sewing machine) with me so I wouldn't be bored :D  

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping for fabric to make her very first quilt!  Very exciting.  We picked the X-rated pattern using charm squares from the Schnibbles Times Two book by Carrie Nelson.  At the last quilt show I went to, I bought a couple Central Park charm squares for my mom because we are both totally in love with it!  We finished cutting out all the *teeny* pieces, laid them out, and started sewing some of the rows together before bedtime.  I'm trying to teach her how to do it herself, so I'm doing my best to not sew or cut or iron anything for her!  Here's her progress.

So to keep myself busy while she's working on that, I found a Snippets honey bun under layers of dust at the quilt store to make the Moda Bake Shop Triple Irish Chain quilt.  I just love the little paper doll type fabric, but I think with that pattern and the squares finishing at 1" it's not the greatest way to showcase that particular print.  I'm still really happy with the way it's progressing.  

Hopefully we'll have finished quilt tops by the end of the day today!

My current list of projects:

Completed tops needing backings & quilting:
Michael Miller Antiquity table runnerVerna Friendship Braid
Simply Squares Vintage sheets 

DS Quilts Zig Zag
Central Park Charming Stars

Tops in pieces:
Cherish Nature Circle in Squares
Hunky Dory Bubblegum
Hunky Dory Pandora's Box

Snippets Triple Irish Chain

New projects this week: 2
Finished projects this week: 0
New fabric purchased this week: gobs!! (I have no self control)


Megan said...

your mom is doing a great job with the X quilt. I love it!


Laura said...

Wow, those are teeny pieces! It's looking good though!

chris said...

LOVELY! I really like on point designs...and you've executed this so well.

Kate S. said...

How fun that you and your mom are both working on projects together! Love the x quilt pattern :)

Debbie said...

Love your Central Park quilt!

LynCC said...

How fun to help you mom start quilting!!!

Melinda said...

Great job to mom!

Rachel said...

What a lovely Central Park quilt!


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