Saturday, October 23, 2010

State Fair Fun!

Last month I entered some of my crafty items in the State Fair and they actually placed!!  How awesome is that?  I didn't win any money (only for best of show), but I did swell with pride when I saw my items displayed behind the glass with ribbons pinned on them :D

100% Recycled Category - my apron made 1st place!

Household Recycled Item - Stitch purse made 7th place!

Recycled Useful Item - plastic bag dispenser made 5th place

Sewing: Place Mats - made 7th place

Here are some of my favorite items at the fair.  I didn't make the following items, but wish I knew how!

I love the quilt in the center.  The blocks are so simple but a nice way to display special fabric.

I wish this had turned out better.  I've seen sunbonnet Sue, but never a cowboy!  Adorable :D

This was gorgeous!  3-D Southern Belle - on my to-do list!

This fall picture is made entirely of fabric!  

What a cute pumpkin :P

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