Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: Nearly New in OKC, OK

A coworker recently told me about a good consignment store in Oklahoma City, OK.  I read some reviews before setting out, and all of them were raving about how excellent it is.  When I arrived at the address, the place looked like an abandoned warehouse and I thought to myself, Pam, where in the world did you send me??  I was concerned to get out of my car, but I did, and I'm very glad of it!

Nearly New had a wide variety of middle to high end designer brands in a variety of prices.  I saw a pair of white satin Louboutin heels (not my size), a Chloe leather bag, an Armani bag, and lots of designer clothes.  I almost shouted with glee when I slipped on a pair of Chanel ballet flats that fit.  And at the ridiculously low price of $35, how could I pass them up?

It's hard to tell, but they're quilted!

1 comment:

MothGirlOKC said...

Shabby no more! You ought to check it out now. They've redone the exterior and even did some more stuff inside. Pretty awesome.


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