Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ever heard of nervous crafting?

Here it is, 4 days until the most important test of my graduate school career, and what do I do to prepare?  I shove all the notes under my desk and craft something, of course!

I told you that the ironing board cover pattern might show up again.  I made a quick little craft out of a few scraps of fabric I had laying around.  Sitting next to my computer, sewing machine, and various other places of my room are scraps of folded up paper that serve as coasters.  Sick of the ink-stained crinkly papers, I decided to make coasters!  This project took me about an hour to make 4 coasters.

For this project, I used more bits from the striped sheet from Goodwill, some lime green polar fleece I found somewhere I'd rather not mention :) and a couple of button down shirts given to me by a friend that I couldn't sell or wear.  

First, I cut out 4 squares of polar fleece in the size I wanted my coasters.  Second, I cut the 4 squares of sheet and shirts about 5/8" larger than the polar fleece.  I pinned the right sides together and sewed 3 sides together.  Third, I turned it right side out and made sure the corners were nice and crisp before stuffing the pocket with the polar fleece.  Turn the open edge inside, pin, and topstitch the opening shut.  For my quilting design, I sewed about 1/4" from the edge of the fabric in a square.  Then I sewed the remaining middle section into 9 squares.  Pretty easy, and totally cute!  I think you might be able to make around 2,394 coasters from a flat full size sheet :D


Erin said...

Cute coasters! I'm sure you'll really enjoy those!

Valerie said...

cute! So I know of someone who has a birthday comming up... and she loves dark red and dark green... hint hint!


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