Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thrift Store Review: Goodwill Outlet in North Charleston, SC

When I first came across the Goodwill Outlet, I mused to myself, Outlet? How can it get much cheaper than regular Goodwill?  Well friends, let me tell you!  

Here's how it works.  You walk into the store, grab a cart, and find a giant bin to start sifting through.  You may prefer to wear gloves for this (eep!).  The majority of the items are sold by the pound!  That's right, folks, it seems like you're at the meat counter when you buy 14 pounds of clothes for $1.49 a pound like I did Saturday.   Sift through clothes, home decorating furnishings, kitchenware, furniture, shoes, books, computer parts, you name it, they probably have it.

I ventured into the North Charleston Goodwill Outlet and came out a very happy shopper.  I was originally looking for vintage bed sheets and men's button down shirts for crafts.  I came out with way more than I expected.  I may have realized I have a thrift store shopping addiction slash problem this weekend too :)

The store itself was in a run down looking area, but it seems better than where I lived in the Chicago ghetto around my school.  So I parked near the front and went in.  Inside it was bright, clean, and everyone was very friendly.  The pricing signs weren't very visible, but don't worry, you won't break the bank here.  When in doubt, just buy it!  This store was pretty large when you start wandering around.  Make sure you grab a cart because you'll never know how much stuff you'll end up grabbing.

Here's a few pics of what I got...all 14 pounds of clothes and bedsheets!  In my defense, I did buy a vintage Oleg Cassini beaded gown that weighed 4 lbs by itself.  I'm not sure where I'll wear it, but it's damn sexy! (Yes, I was the kid that was obsessed with Bob Mackie sequined junk).  

This link has a list of all the Goodwill Outlets.  Hopefully you can find one near you!

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