Sunday, April 18, 2010

Haircut Day!

Woohoo!  I love how a haircut makes me feel so pretty, especially when it's a great haircut.  When I live in Chicago, I try to go to Vidal Sassoon and have a student cut it for $20.  That's pretty awesome considering that the entry level cut (not including style, mind you!) is $69 and blow outs start at $54 = budget breaking haircut :(  Anyways, since I needed an update and I'm nowhere near Michigan Ave, I decided to spluge and go with the equally stellar Aveda salon.  I told my stylist what I was looking for and that I last had my cut at VS and loved it.  Turns out, she's a VS trained stylist and recognized my haircut at the classic VS "flip and curl" - how awesome is that?  My hair turned out beautifully and now I can be sure there's a great cut under my graduation cap in 34 days!

Here's a look at the new style.  What's that you say, it looks exactly like my profile picture?  Probably because that pic was taken right after I got my hair done at VS last time!  

If you're interested in getting your hair cut at VS Academy, where the students are the main ones cutting, I'd highly recommend it.  The students all have their cosmetology licenses already, and are training intensely on the VS method.  The instructors sometimes cut on my hair to show them how to do certain things, and they are the ones who charge $100+ for a haircut!  Unfortunately, I think they only do it in NYC and Chicago.  Check out either city's Craigslist listings under Services, Beauty.  You can also check out listings for free and reduced price salon services in Chicago or NYC at Salon Apprentice.  

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Erin said...

You look beautiful!!


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